Requires Java.

Select applet dimensions

Suggestion: try the smaller sizes first to see if your computer can run the applet smoothly without flicker.

150 x 100
240 x 160
360 x 240
480 x 320
720 x 480



You can also run ! outside the browser. Looks nicer fullscreen without the window chrome. Simply download bang.jar (shift-click or option-click to download).

\/ bang.jar (10KB)

Then from the command line, change to the folder where bang.jar resides and type

> java -jar bang.jar

. Of course, you need to be able to run Java on your computer. (Get it from java.sun.com >>* if you don't have it.) You may additionally specify the following options:

Option Description Default
width Applet width 150
height Applet height 100
dotDiameter Diameter of dot 28
resetBoundary Distance at which applet restarts 340
dt Time in ms between iterations 10
jumpSize Distance of particle jumps 16
cloudRadius Radius of decentering (random walk) 2

For example, to specify a width of 360, a height of 240, and a dot diameter of 67, type

> java -jar bang.jar -width 360 -height 240 -dotDiameter 67


This code is distributed under the GNU General Public License >>, meaning you can freely use it and modify it, as long as you also distribute the resulting product under the same license.

\/ bang-0.2-src.tar.gz (6KB)
\/ bang-0.2-src.zip (9KB)